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We Do This Work Because...

We are a transformative force for leaders who are committed to creating and sustaining healthy, successful organizational culture. We inspire people to create their ideal environment where everyone is able to tap into their greatest selves. Through the work of our partnership we shine a spotlight on the financial and emotional benefits of intentionally shaping a thriving, constructive organizational culture. We use our suite of tools to build strong, cohesive, high-performing teams. We share our coaching gifts to help others reflect, envision and realize their greatest desires.

Why focus on the problem and look behind you? We focus on the solution and look forward.

Your company isn’t just a place of employment – it’s where people seek growth, relationships and overall fulfillment. This kind of culture develops gradually and with purpose – in other words, it doesn’t happen overnight or by accident. Using a series of measurements, processes and our own personal expertise, we join forces with your company to shift the culture that reflects who you really are as a company.

culture innovations

Our Core Values

Excellence. A job isn’t done until our clients are 100% satisfied.
Integrity. We talk the talk, and then we walk the walk. The service we promise is exactly what is delivered with full transparency.
Legacy. We make a difference today with tomorrow in mind. Your company culture should continue to evolve and growth purposefully.
Let’s think outside the box. Because innovation is at the heart of every outstanding outcome.
Trust. We trust you to be phenomenal leaders. You can trust us to lead you there.
Loyalty. Within our own company, we have each other’s backs. This is the type of mentality we carry with us to each client and project.
Balance. A huge part of a thriving work culture is maintaining the balance between work life and personal life. Let’s find it together.

Our Team



Nancy’s focus is working with science, technology, and engineering companies to build cultures that thrive. She helps STEM organizations’ leaders become better at leading, at breaking down organizational silos, at building cross-cultural competence in global teams, and improving team dynamics for effective performance.



Say yes. This is how Jill Knocke, PCC describes her professional career journey. When she said yes to her first Human Resources position; when she said yes to an International HR Manager role; when she went completely out of her comfort zone to lead a start-up medical device manufacturing line; when she supported the closure of an entire business unit that ultimately led her to use all the skills she’d gained along the way to realize her dream of becoming an entrepreneur. 


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