Is your team performing to its true potential?

Is your team

This free worksheet gives you 5 steps you need to focus on to improving team performance. Teams who follow this system report increased retention, improved efficiencies, and enhanced productivity.

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“Pulling a group of individuals together and calling them a team doesn’t mean they are a TEAM”.

— Nancy Benthien, Managing Partner

do these complaints
sound familiar?

When a team is put together and specific design steps are not followed the team can fall apart.

– Interpersonal conflict?

– Lack of participation out of frustration?

– Passive aggressive behavior?

– Undermining the team leader?

– Meeting overload with no follow-through?


Avoid These Pitfalls!

Are you ready to leverage the power of an effective team?

This team performance worksheet is based on the 6 Team Conditions model, a fully researched and tested process, which accounts for up to 80% of a teams effectiveness.

This worksheet is ideal for:

– Executive and Director Level Leadership

– Talent Development

– Chief Talent Officers

– Anyone considering team leadership

Make An Impact & Kickstart
Your Team's Performance

This Team Success Worksheet will lead you through a process to greater team cohesion, clearer communication, and successful outcomes for your organization.

Use this Team Success Worksheet to:

  • Improve team dynamics with successful communication
  • Clearly understand the teams purpose and objective
  • Accomplish meaningful tasks with focused outcomes
  • Eliminate those unnecessary pitfalls

Stop wasting time and design a more productive team today!

Have questions? So do we!

Team Performance Assessment

Find out if the Team Performance Worksheet is for you.

First, determine if you have a need for an actual team.

If you answered "YES" to both questions above, then you are in the right place. You need a team.

Second, let’s find out if your team is performing efficiently?

If you responded "NO" to any of the above, this worksheet will help you get on the right track.

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