Our goals are realistic, intentional and focused on incremental, yet impactful and sustainable changes. Our services range in scope, depth and purpose depending on your company’s overarching and immediate objectives.

Workplace Culture

What does company culture have to do with company success? Everything. How do you know? By measuring your culture.

How many times have your embarked upon a new strategic initiative only to find it dies within a couple of months? It is estimated that 70-85% of new strategies suffer this fate.

Human-nature and workplace culture are two of the big reasons why strategic change initiatives fail. We take a balanced approach to implementing strategy – adding the human side of change to dramatically increase the chance of success. 

No, these are NOT inconsequential team-building activities. Do you need a high performing team focused on achieving its purpose? Are your team members able to hold important discussions, get to decisions, and stay focused on agreed upon actions? If not, team coaching is the way to go.

Being an effective, strong leader takes emotional intelligence, a willingness to grow, and significant interpersonal and communication skills. Using a coach will help jump-start you on your journey, in your new roll, help get you unstuck so you can get where you want to go.

Organizational Wellbeing

Just like you would consider the health of a person’s entire body, we consider the health of an entire organization. Let’s delve into what makes it a healthy place and areas that need improvement.

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what happens next?

So, you’ve taken the leap and are ready to develop a strong and successful company culture. Excellent choice! Now what? One of the many advantages of working with our team is that the plan of action is uniquely shaped to meet the needs of your company and align with your specific goals and objectives. But to get to that point, we’ve created a process that can be summed up as the five D’s:


First things first, we need to select tools that fit your needs: Scientifically validated assessments, surveys, interviews, focus groups to gather holistic data, etc. This phase requires transparency, sponsorship, and broad involvement from the client in order to frame the project accurately.


Through purposeful collaboration, we develop a heartbeat of interactions to make sure sponsors and stakeholders remain engaged and informed. We work with the team to design the solution and plan for its success. This is also the phase where we identify project performance measures.


Through purposeful collaboration, we develop a heartbeat of interactions to make sure sponsors and stakeholders remain engaged and informed. This is also the phase where we identify project success metrics.


Now we’re getting into the fun part! This is where we administer the process and collection of data. We rely on your feedback to adjust and enhance the project as necessary. Supporting initiatives such as coaching and mentoring may be incorporated seamlessly into the total delivery.

Determining Effectiveness

How’d it go? Where should we go from here? The final phase is answering these and a host of other questions that help us know just how successful the project was. It includes surveys, follow-up assessments, focus groups and more to measure the pre- and post-attitudes, motivations and behaviors.


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“Nancy was by far one of the best executive coaches I have ever had the pleasure to work with… I would recommend her to anyone in need of an executive leadership coach or if you need help navigating a career.”— Executive, Global 2000 company
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