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What does company culture have to do with company success? Everything. How do you know? By measuring your culture.


70-85 percent of new strategies fail within two months. We can help make your new strategy a success. It starts with creating a strategy that builds upon your company’s unique purpose, goals, and talents


No, these are NOT inconsequential team-building activities. Do you need a high performing team focused on achieving its purpose? Are your team members able to hold important discussions, get to decisions, and stay focused on agreed upon actions? If not, team coaching is the way to go.


Human-nature and workplace culture are two of the big reasons why strategic change initiatives fail. We take a balanced approach to implementing strategy – adding the human side of change to dramatically increase the chance of success.


Being an effective, strong leader takes emotional intelligence, a willingness to grow, and significant interpersonal and communication skills. Using a coach will help you jump-start your journey in your new role, or help get you unstuck so you can get where you want to go.


You can’t have a happy, thriving place of work without supporting personal, team, and organizational well-being. They are all interconnected.

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Workplace culture is created by leaders whether they intend to or not. Why would you leave your most powerful competitive advantage to chance?” — Nancy Benthien, Managing Partner

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