Team Coaching

From team meetings that feel like “it could have been an email” to true collaboration that makes the magic happen.

You’ve been in that meeting

We’ve all been in that team meeting—you know, the one where everyone is sneaking glances at their phones, faking note-taking while catching up on email, or sending covert Slack messages. Why are we still having that team meeting? It certainly isn’t accomplishing your goals or engaging your team.

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Get below the surface

The answer to productive, focused collaboration and team effectiveness usually isn’t as simple as a better agenda or new project management techniques. Team dynamics are complicated, with plenty of communication, emotional, and social complexities bubbling below the surface.

Unravel the big, scary problems

Our team coaching solutions can help unravel big, scary problems so that teamwork, well, works. We’re not talking inconsequential team-building activities—our program focuses on developing long-term strategies to assess and improve team effectiveness and foster social and emotional intelligence. We begin by using the Team Diagnostic Survey (TDS) that assesses teams on the six conditions of team effectiveness that predict up to 80% of a team’s ultimate success and continue with real, tailored solutions to underlying issues.

The result? Dramatic increases in positive collaboration, team buy-in, empowered employees focused effort, and (most importantly) results that generate huge value.

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Ready to create some big, beautiful change in the way your teams work? Us, too.